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We are watching you!

Welcome too ICARUS
The following blog is of fictional origins, with historical significance. As too protect the individuals concerned names and some events that are portrayed are coincidental to any similarities of the reader, and are not intentionally created to cause offence or otherwise.


For the Freedom in, Adam and Eve’s, garden of Eden.


The future is nothing more than a lesson in history and psychic ability is nothing more than knowing Wisdom for what she is, a pearl of the memory. Throughout creation, there are the few, known as the Prophets. These Supermen have the gift of second sight, the ability to access the hidden mana and interpret there meanings to assist the creator in the evolutionary progression.




Essentially these people are but zombies with no will of there own, too give nor gain from, however within their beings are three keys: One of hearts, one of souls, and the other of spiritual control.

Moreover, together on the mountainsides, deep within the night, they together quest too understand the truth behind the many interpretations, of the how’s, whys, what’s and where’s, the four questions of creation. Too ultimately, gain the seventh heaven and experience the spiritual happiness of bliss.

Whilst gazing at cloud nine these Supermen, gaze into the unconscious and wait too see.

Using their keys, they make the divine connection, across each plane of reasoning.

Closing Pandora’s Box; putting the lid back on the water jar of the Needi.

…‘Let there be light’…AND THE TRUTH Be


The past is set in stone, and the future is what you make of it. Lies give light to the truth, the righteous will not fall, however, for those that do fall; they always drag someone down with them. Such is the truth of Eve’s demise: she fell. She lied. She committed adultery. She cultivated; and dragged Adam down with her, then claimed that it was her right too have the truth buried, as to save herself the indignity of acknowledging her weakness of incestuous lusting.




Who Eve is, is unimportant, however, what she is, is significant as to a ‘Dirty Rib’, a virus and the greatest mistake God ever made. God is not the one who fell, Eve was!

It was the forced equation of infinitus over infinité, the digital binary of mathematics, which brought the infinitudes of Knowledge here. For what you seem to be reading as words; are numbered coordinates. This is the art formation of the Perfect one and Supreme Being. He is the one who sends wrath, to those lonely…

Possession is 9/10’s of the Loa.
… A long time dead, the conversation with the African man ended.




The fire burned from dusk until dawn, kept high to give of a bright light whilst the initiations of the Onguán’s were taking place. Music sounded as the Radá drumming gave the spirits a beat as to leap back from the other planes of existence, into those that danced violently. However, I myself had chosen the alternative path of initiation; Gods left hand as opposed to his right, the Spiritual Sorcery of Voodoo.

“Wisdom is an Evergreen that stands tall on the top of a hill, with teeth pearly white giving shelter too freedom and shouting in a loud voice: ‘From an acorn I am a tree, knowledgeable as an Angel would be.’”

As Germany claim their victory of the 1966 world cup over England, we shall begin here, I am one third of Icarus, in respect, with direct empathetic amusement of the other two thirds…

We are all bad men; we are all bad men because of the things the we are in too. The sexually immoral do not have a look in as to what we are in too. The murderers cannot run fast enough to escape us, as our music plays on ~ here comes the good old days once again.

From the many virtues, that Icarus is going thrust upon humanity we are the ones that know the power. The powers of chastity and share in Gods patients. We are the dammed of Purgatory and our powers are invested within our souls for they are out hearts. In addition, together we dance striving to beat our afflictions as we walk across the oceans beyond the stars on a journey together, in the paths of the old mystics, along the corridors of oblivion, through the darkness…We know no kryptonite! For it is written:

The final prophesy.




Those who overcome will be given everlasting life and share in the glory of Icarus‘s wisdom. Those who win the victory shall not suffer the second death, but live on eternally. There is amongst you one who holds the keys to Hades, one that is many. Moreover, he is now as he is for what he will be: SUPERMAN…

By Icarus.

A chemical carbon compound of physical molecular animation


A word from Icarus for those who are inspired:

“To give the characters freewill is to elevate all responsibility from the writer. Just let their words flow down river to the ocean and the book will write itself!”


We are watching you!










One response

16 04 2010
the snowman

i can see that you have quite an imagination icuras, and i am itreauged to know more of your wisdom?
The Snowman X

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