17 04 2010
 In the cinemas the summer of 2010
From cartoon to CGI animatrix, voiced over by all the top stars of the moment.
Warner Brothers and Spring Creek Pictures have come together with first time screenwriter, Paul Sopocy producers Dick Robertson, Lew Korman and Paula Weinstein( ) To bring back too life the 1980’s cultlassic that many enjoyed. And with what else than an all-star cast to compliment the original cartoon which gained quit a franchise by merchandising.

Brad Pit, Hugh Jackman and Vin Diesel voice over along with other big stars of the day such as Kirsten Stewart who is to voice the gorgeous Cheetara. Colin Farrell who voices Tygra, and Seth Rogin who voices the lovable Snarf. Check them out below.

ThunderCats is the usual battle between good and evil, only these players have the magic as well as the technogical gismos. We did not want to put any pressure on you women out there by picturing Lion-o and Brad pit not now that he has split from Angelina, as we are not running a porn site here, not without subscription anyway loll.

Anyway, for those of you that missed the original outings, this is how the memories unfold:

Lion-O, Cheetara, Tygra and Panthro are caused to leave their home planet of Thundera when it gets destroyed, and come too Earth to fight the sorcerer Mumm~Ra. The fleet of Thundarians are soon attacked by the Mutants of Plun~ Darr, who are in surch of the Eye of Thundera that Lion ~ O, holds in his sword of omens. HO!

Lion~O (Brad Pitt) and his nurse made Snarf (Seth Rogen) wake up the other Thundarians from there crio chambers and together rid their enemies back to their ship.

The planet Thundera is restored by Mumm~Ra (Cillian Murphy) as so he can gain the Sword of Plun~Darr, the sword that caused the demise of Thundera however to find out the rest and if you already do not know GET OUT TOO YOUR LOCAL CINNMA THIS SUMMER 2010!

Moreover, ‘who said that Sorcery was evil? Self-gain of one is but pittance when shared with others. Thanks I believe is in order ThunderCats.’ Mumm~Ra





3 responses

17 04 2010
the snowman

been anticipating this movie for the past 2 years and cant wait too see!!!

The Snowman X

17 04 2010

I can’t wait to see this, I always watched this back in the day. I just can’t wait.

30 07 2011

If Cheetara is really being played by Kristen Stewart I will boycott the movie no matter how much I love thundercats. Also, have you seen the new thundercats cartoon last night? I missed it T-T

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