What Happened to Mr Blobby?

15 04 2010

What Happened to Mr Blobby?

Todays Hot Topic


I don’t know about you but I was brought up with Mr Blobby as a cult hero, he had everything needed to be a T.V hit, he was pink with yellow spots what more could you ask for?

Don’t forget that this guy was absolutely crazy!  (he is STILL crazy). But we are all told that we should not try anything we see on T.V at home right……….well I should have listened, one morning after watching Mr Blobby I went out to visit my friend, we were both 11 y.o. at the time. When I arrived at his house I knocked on the door and he then invited me in, after about 30mins of playing in the back garden I became very bored, little did I know this would be the  beginning of the end. So I at the time decided to have some fun, I noticed that his mum had been baking some cakes and without thinking I picked one massive chocolate cake and I throw it at his face I lost all control, you can only think of the trouble I got into and since that day I was never to be friends with him again. The more I think about that day, the more I realise that good old Mr Blobby and his crazy ways had taken complete control of me.


Where to see Mr Blobby?

Mr Blobby has played a part of some sort in all our lives so if you want to relive some of those memories check out Harry Hills T.V Burp were Blobby now applies his trade.

Or check this link out:   





So what happened to Mr Blobby?

Nothing at all!!!!




4 responses

16 04 2010

its so funny i like it very much

19 04 2010

AHHHH Mr. Blobby! Haha I haven’t thought about that in forever. Of course everyone wonders where he went. I just went to that website so that I could reconnect with him. I always thought it was just a regular person’t index finger and that’s why it looked like that. Haha!

19 04 2010
6 03 2011

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