17 04 2010
 In the cinemas the summer of 2010
From cartoon to CGI animatrix, voiced over by all the top stars of the moment.
Warner Brothers and Spring Creek Pictures have come together with first time screenwriter, Paul Sopocy producers Dick Robertson, Lew Korman and Paula Weinstein( ) To bring back too life the 1980’s cultlassic that many enjoyed. And with what else than an all-star cast to compliment the original cartoon which gained quit a franchise by merchandising.

Will the World Really End in 2012?

16 04 2010


End of the World?

Will it all come to a end on 21st December 2012

 Scientific experts from around the world are predicting that on December 21st 2012 all life on earth will come to a end. Some people are saying that, us humans will be the cause of it all and some say natural phenomenon will be the cause. What ever the case maybe here are some of the reasons why some people believe the world will come to a end.

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Who Will Win the Premier League?

15 04 2010


Who will win the Barclay’s Premier League this year, the is a race on.

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What Happened to Mr Blobby?

15 04 2010

What Happened to Mr Blobby?

Todays Hot Topic


I don’t know about you but I was brought up with Mr Blobby as a cult hero, he had everything needed to be a T.V hit, he was pink with yellow spots what more could you ask for?

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Hi and welcome to ‘Icuras’

14 04 2010

Welcome to Icuras

Hi and welcome to our blog Icuras, in the coming days and weeks we will and new content so please feel free to leave comments across our blog.